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the day of hope

Photo de Estelle

My name is Estelle , I'm 28 years old and I come from Normandy in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin.

In August 2020, I learn that I have hereditary optic neuropathy , with this inability to really project myself into the future, insofar as it is a progressive disease and that no one really knows how to tell me how the things will change over time.

Since this announcement, my life has changed. I was just learning to be a mother with the arrival of my first little boy, and I also had to learn to live with the disease. The time that inevitably passes and the prospect of a vision that is reduced to nothing harasses me on a daily basis. I then realized the value of life . Of the value of each day that we have the chance to live. Today, I accept the fact that she is part of my life, of me. It will not prevent me from carrying out my projects. To achieve my dreams.

It was then that I decided not to take my pain in patience but rather my good urgently!

After spending eleven years in the French Navy, I created  Hope day , my ready-to-wear brand. This brand will aim to raise awareness of this disability through a range of clothing and accessories, which highlights this mode of communication that is Braille. Embroidered and in relief, these inscriptions carry a positive message that can be worn by everyone.  Through my brand, I want to change and evolve attitudes about disability and illness.

Estelle , creator of Hope day

oeil de Estelle
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