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Welcome to the Hope Day website


"Hope day is much more than a brand, it's a message of hope.

I have at heart to transmit all my support, all my strength, to people facing a difficulty.

Being affected by a hereditary optic neuropathy, I want to raise awareness in society about disability and disease by democratizing braille."


creator of Hope day

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"Only Braille suits me"

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The articles

Braille ready-to-wear for everyone



Simplicity, elegance

sailor tops

style, character



The indispensable


Small in size, but big in heart



Association "A Second Chance" Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (50)

Logo association Une seconde chance

Falling for something

After completely changing his life, Damien realized his dream. Welcoming animals that deserve a second chance, but not only...It also involves people who also need a second chance...people experiencing social, legal, economic, physical...

A man with a big heart but who sometimes encounters many difficulties in the realization of his project.

Indeed, it is not always easy to obtain aid, whether financial or material. If you can help the Association and its little residents in any way, please do so.

Don't hesitate to also visit the site, you will realize the work accomplished by the Association but also the lack of materials.

We all have the right to a second chance and we must all remain hopeful.

Sharing the same values as Damien, his members, his volunteers, and feeling this need to help others to heal myself, it is with great pleasure that part of the profits of Hope day will be donated to the "A Second Chance" Association.

Do not hesitate to follow the Facebook page of the association

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To make a donation to "A Second Chance" it's right here.


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